HD Video Game Entertainment System , Retro Game Console 4K HDMI Output Built-in 800 Classic Game Console with 2PCS Joystick

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It pre-instaled 800 Classic Games Inside , Support PS1 , NEOGEO , GBA , GBC , GB , NES , SNES , CPS , SEGA , SMS , GG format
TV-Output : Support 4K HDMI TV output play , Support 1280*720 P / 60HZ
Linux 3.0 operate system , Game Speed FPS 1:1 Output
Support TF card extensions,maximum to 32GB. Support to download more Format games.
Include 2 USB Joystick , 32G TF Card , AV Cable , HDMI Cable and User Manual (Not include any power adapter)


System: Linux 3.0 OS.
Support 4K HDMI , Support 1280*720P/60HZ;
Function:4K HDMI TV output / AV-OUT / GAMING
Language:Support English
TF card: Support TF expansionMaximum to 32 GB

Basic operations:
The console connected to AC/DC Adapter.
HDMI output ports connected to a TV .
Joysticks ports connected to the Joysticks .
Press the power button,and the TV will display the menu interface.
The menu interface, including PS1 , NEOGEO ,CPS , SEGA , SMS , GG game format .
In the menu interface ,button[A]to enter the game list, button[B] to return the menu interface.
In the game list, button [A] to enter the game .
During the game list,press "START"+"SELECT",The game will be paused, and pop up game menu for your option .
In this interface , you can basically complete all the feature setting.
The console need to turn off,press the power button ,will automatically turn off.

Note:Please turn off your console before pulling out the TF card, in order to prevent damaging files,data loss or any system error.

1X 32 GB TF Card (Included 43 PS1 Games)
2 x USB Joystick
1 X AV Cable
1 X HDMI Cable
1 X User manual