CHAUVET DJ FollowSpot 75ST LED Spotlight w/Gobo Projection | Projection Effects

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Portable, LED follow spot emits a focused beam with a sharp edge,Set up and tear down in seconds with the included tripod
Increase flexibility with DMX and manual control options,A great option for small clubs and auditoriums
Simplify professional fading with smooth LED dimming
Deliver silent operation with fast electronic strobe and no moving parts,Project crisp patterns onto any surface using the single gobo slot
Focus the light where it is needed using the mechanical iris to reduce the beams diameter


This portable, LED-powered followspot is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. Easy to set up and tear down, LED Followspot 75ST comes with an included tripod. Extremely fast electronic strobe delivers silent operation with no moving parts. Super smooth LED dimming makes professional fading a breeze, while a single gobo slot projects crisp patterns onto any surface. Specifications: DMX Channels: 3 DMX Connectors: 3-pin Colors: 7 + white Gobo Size: 23.7mm outside, 21.3mm image, 1mm max thickness Light Source: 1 (white) 75W (18A) LED 50,000hrs Strobe Rate: 0 - 16Hz Stand Height: 2.8 - 3.8ft (0.8 - 1.2m) Zoom Angle: 14 - 20 Iris (min): 5 (at tightest zoom) Illuminance: 8,140 lux @ 2m (14) Illuminance: 4,650 lux @ 2m (20) Color Temperature Range: 6,500 7,500K Fits Tripod Sizes: 1.25in (33mm) input Voltage: Switchable 120/230VAC 50/60Hz Power and Current: 215W, 1.8A @ 120V 60Hz Power and Current: 220W, 1A @ 230V 50Hz Weight: 13.3lbs (6kg) Size: 22 x 10.8 x 11.5in (560 x 276 x 292mm)