AmScope 50pc Pre-Cleaned Blank Ground Edge Glass Microscope Slides and 100pc Pre-Cleaned Square Glass Cover Slips Coverslips

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This is a package of pre-cleaned 50pc microscope blank slides and 100pc square cover slips.
Slide size: 1" x 3" (25.4x76.2mm)
Coverslips size: 23/32 x 23/32" (18x18mm), 0.006" (0.15mm) in thickness
Material: optical glass


AmScope BS-50P-S100 pre-cleaned, optical-glass microscope slides and coverslips have ground edges to reduce the risk of cuts caused by handling. Slides are 1 x 3 inches/25 x 76mm and 0.08"/2mm thick. Square coverslips are 23/32 x 23/32 inches (18 x 18mm) and 0.006"/0.15mm thick. The set includes 50 slides and 100 coverslips in a sealed box.

Microscopes are instruments used to enhance the resolution of an object or image. Types include compound, stereo, or digital. Compound microscopes use a compound optical system with an objective lens and an eyepiece. Stereo microscopes show object depth in a three-dimensional image. Digital microscopes are used to display an image on a monitor, rather than looking through a lens. Microscopes can have monocular (one), binocular (two), or trinocular (three) eyepieces, with varying viewing abilities. A trinocular eyepiece is used to output digital images or video to an internal or external device such as a camera or monitor. Magnification ability refers to the size of an image. Resolution, also known as resolvant power, refers to the clarity of the image. The interaction between field of view (FOV), numerical aperture (NA), and working distance (WD) determines resolution. Microscopes can control magnification through a fixed focus, or through a range of adjustments. They can also use LED, fluorescent, and mirror light sources to help control viewing capabilities. Microscopes are widely used in education, lab research, biology, metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, and in the medical, forensic science, and veterinary industries.

United Scope manufactures microscopy equipment and accessories under the brand name AmScope. The company, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Irvine, CA.

What's in the Box?

  • (50) Pre-cleaned blank microscope slides
  • (100) Pre-cleaned glass coverslips, square