WilliamsWarn Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

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The best counter-pressure Bottler available to the small scale brewer. True counter pressure filling without any spillage or loss of CO2.
Bottle a fully carbonated 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg in under 30 minutes. Very easy to use (see video link below).
Adjustable height - the Bottler can accommodate bottles from 203mm (8 inches) up to approximately 368mm (14 1/2 inches). Can fill growlers up to 5.90 inches in diameter.
The Bottler will allow you to pressurize the bottle with CO2 before filling, to allow a counter pressure in the bottle and a CO2 layer to eliminate oxidation, making sure your beverage doesn't lose its carbonation and freshness when bottled. A critical piece of equipment for any home brewer who enters home brew competitions, because the difference between medalling at a brewing competition and no mention at all is often a
See Bottler Instructional Video here https://vimeo.com/110095446 and User Manual here http://www.williamswarn.com/Our-User-Manuals


WilliamsWarn invented the worlds first Personal Brewery in 2011 in New Zealand. Beverages naturally carbonate on the first day of fermentation so when the beer or cider is ready after 7 or 4.5 days respectively, there is the option to either consume from the brewery or bottle the carbonated beverage. The counter-pressure bottler was developed for that purpose and it can also be used to bottle carbonated beverages from a Cornelius Keg. The difference between medalling at a brewing competition and no mention at all is often a lack of carbonation fault. The WilliamsWarn bottler is very easy to operate and pressurises the bottle before filling. Speed of filling is controlled by a pressure relief valve on the bottler. Please note CO2 cylinder, Micro-matic regulator and Kegs not included.