upscreen Reflection Shield Matte Screen Protector for Prestigio Wize O3, Matte and Anti-Glare, Strong Scratch Protection, Multitouch optimized

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NOTE: If your device has curved edges of the display, the film is deliberately cut smaller than the display.
Matte and Anti-Glare
Multitouch optimized, Strong Scratch Protection
Easy, Bubble-Free Installation


upscreen Reflection Shield Matte Premium Screen Protector minimizes light reflections on your display and prevents fingerprints and smudges due to the anti-fingerprint coating.

Anti-Glare Protection
The matte surface reduces light and sun reflections on your screen.

Strong scratch protection
The new developed strong coating of your upscreen Reflection Shield Matte protects your display against scratches and damages.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating
The oleophobic coating resists oil and smudges, reduces fingerprints and ensures easy cleaning.

Touch-screen optimized
The multitouch optimized surface preserves the original touch experience of your device. The smooth surface of the protector ensures a pleasant touch sensation.

Easy, bubble-free installation
The advanced silicon adhesive ensures an easy, bubble-free installation and a perfect adhesion. It is easily removable with no sticky residue or marks left on screen.

Precision Cut
Your upscreen Reflection Shield Matte is manufactured in Germany with the most advanced laser technology following the highest quality standards.

One package (set) contains:
1 upscreen Reflection Shield Matte Screen Protector, 1 Cleaning Wipe, 1 Smoothing Card, 1 Wet Pad, 1 Dust Remover, 3 Guide Stickers, Installation Instructions.