DULEX Black Light Flashlight, High Intensity 395 - 410 nm UV Blacklight Ultraviolet Led Flashlights with charger for Leak Detector, Pet Urine Stain, Scorpion, Bed Bug

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Most customer used Black light for automotive A/C leak detection, Also this uv flashlight is for Dog/Cat urine, pet stains, detection Scorpion, Bed Bug, Pet Odor Eliminator, cracks in antique porcelain/glassware, Detecting automotive and industrial fluid leaks and any more.
Black light flashlight combo, come with flashlight rechargeable battery and charger.
Uranium Finder: Remarkably Shine up Uranium Glass, Depression Glass and Vaseline Glass in the darkness, Good at finding uranium ore
Blacklight flashlight led even better than so called ultraviolet flashlight 51 led, ultraviolet flashlight 100 led, ultraviolet flashlight 21 led.etc
Every order is backed by a one-year, no questions asked warranty for quality and satisfaction. If you don't love our UV lights, contact us and we'll either replace them or issue you a full refund.


Does your house smell? The secret to finding your Pet's mistakes with ease

Do you find it frustrating when you can smell the urine, but can't find it? Do you crawl around sniffing the floor or spend money cleaning the entire carpet because it's driving you crazy?
With UV Sight's LED UV Blacklight you'll find those invisible stains quickly and easily, saving you time & money.
So How Does It Work?
It works by causing the salts that are present in dried urine to fluoresce like a yellow neon sign, making them easily visible to the human eye, and a breeze to spot clean, saving you hundreds of dollars in expensive cleaners, or the need to replace the entire carpet. Check it out for yourself, view the photo's at the top of this page to see the 'findings'.
What Are the Benefits of UV Sight's Blacklight?
Constructed of high quality materials, making it strong, durable and equiped with high quality and long lasting rechargeable battery
High output LED bulbs for a strong, consistent and bright beam -there's no need to crawl along the carpet for the stains to be seen
The stains will light up like a neon sign
Works on almost any surface or fabric such as carpet, curtains or furniture
Useful for scorpion spotting, personal property identification, hidden ink & marker dye fluorescence,money and much more
1 x batteries included for your convenience
Our Promise To You
When you choose UV Sight, you'll get our high-quality LED UV Black Light+ rechargeable battery + charger with our 12months guaranteed.
What are you waiting for? Locate those stains with ease with help from UV Sight.

Package incluede :1 x UV light ,1 x battery ,1 x charger