FlyHi 105W Battery Charger for DJI Phantom3, 2-Channel Charger for DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Quadcopter Drone- Charge 2 Batteries and 1 Remote Controller in Sequence

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Charge 2 batteries and 1 remote controller at one time. Batteries or remote contorller are NOT INCLUDED.
Built-in intelligent control chip. It can automatically adjust the batteries charging sequence according to the batteries power level
Attention: Can charge all versions of Phantom 3 batteries and remote EXCEPT FOR THE REMOTE CONTROLLER OF DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD! ( Input:100-240V, 1.5A(MAX) Output:17.5V, 6A )
Charge time: 1 battery about 65 minutes; 2 batteries about 130 minutes;
1-year manufacturer warranty


FlyHi 105W DJI phantom3 battery charger 2-Channel Battery Chargers for DJI Phantom 3 professional/ Advanced/ Standard Quadcopter Drone; One Remote control charger for DJI Phantom3 professional /Advanced Quadcopter Drone
FlyHi 3-channel charger comes with a built-in intelligent control chip. It can automatically adjust the charging status.
When two batteries are being charged,the following might happen:
1)At beginning the charger may only charge one battery or two batteries.
2)During charging, the charge might shift sequently from charging one battery to other battery.
3)It might charge two batteries at same time.
(Please be attention that the above situations are normal. Not the quality problem of the charger)
Charging Time
Charging one battry: About 65 minutes
Charging two batteries: About 130 minutes
Above charging time is for reference only
Dimension:13*5.8*3.3 cm
Also can charge the remote control at the same time
PRODUCT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:The FP-DJ3 comes with a 3-Year International Warranty, and we are dedicated to helping resolve any questions or issues you might have about our product.
Note:The Power Charger can't start up with output load (The battery's start up current always is bigger than rated current , the power charger will be over current protection) ! Please let the charger's AC plug connect with power source first , after that let the charging head connect with your batteries , it will work normally If you let the charging head connect with your batteries first , after that let the power charger connect with power source ,the power charger can't start up ! It is not a bad one , and just be over current protection , after waiting one to three minutes , it will be re-work again .