Gardner Bender SE-92 Strip-Easy Automatic Wire Stripper, 22-8 AWG, Solid or Stranded Wire, Easy Squeeze, Strips Wire Clean Up To Full inches, No Slip Handles, No Nick, Automatic Open Jaws

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Strips wires clean with one easy squeeze, up to a full in. Strips solid or stranded wire.
Blades cut insulation without nicking conductor. Jaws open automatically to remove wire without crushing ends.
AWG size clearly marked at each cutting hole.
Comfortable no-slip handles


Wire strippers are a standard tool for any wire installation project. Below is a full line of wire stripping tools that feature the standard functionality that every wire stripper must have, as well as additional features, including built-in bolt cutters, crimpers, and pliers' noses. Although each offering below strips wire, each wire stripper has different characteristics that provide various different benefits for the user. Some have a looping hole that aids in wire pulling and termination, a high precision joint to ensure smooth operation, some have the ability to strip copper and aluminum in both solid and stranded wire, cut and rethread bolts, or have built in crimp stations for insulated and non-insulated terminals. Some beneficial characteristics that come standard with each tool includes nick-resistant, stainless steel blades, precision ground cutting edges, contoured grip handles for ease of use, and an anti-glare black oxidation blade surface treatment for better vision. The Strip-Easy Automatic Wire Stripper is an ideal choice for stripping solid or stranded wire. The spring-loaded stripper automatically removes wire insulation on 22-8 gauge wires without crushing the ends. It has a comfortable, no-slip plastic handle that helps to secure a firm handgrip during use.