Limm Pro Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice (Extra Large)

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Never slip on snow or ice again with your handy Limm traction cleats!
Easily slip-on around footwear in seconds. Available in a variety of sizes.
Rolls up nicely to be carried in a purse, work-bag or even in your pockets.
For men, women and kids. Great for winter activities or even simple everyday use.
Full foot anti-slip protection with 10 steel metal studs that offer serious traction wherever you go.


Limm Traction Cleats Being affordable, lightweight, effective, portable, and easy to slip on and off, makes them a simple yet efficient solution for reducing the risk of falls during treacherous slippery conditions when walking to work, school, or even to the mailbox. They are great for a variety of winter activities as well. The 10 steel studs offer serious traction which makes them perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly. They can be rolled up making them easily carryable in a purse, bag or even pockets. When they are needed they can quickly be slipped on over footwear for some serious traction. So, if abrasions and injuries kept you away from winter sports, it is high time to unleash your energy and enjoy the adventurous sports to your hearts content. These high quality traction cleats will keep you out of the harm's way. Benefits: Portable - Can be rolled up to fit into bags, purses and even pockets. Quickly Mountable - Can be slipped over footwear in seconds. Functional Design - Each one is equipped with 10 tough steel spikes in a TPE base to offer a comfortable and safe walk. Fit around the shoe perfectly. Multipurpose Traction - Perfect for everyday use, outdoor winter work or a variety of winter activities such as ice fishing, hunting, walking, jogging, hiking, running, snow shoveling, etc. High Quality Material - Finest quality TPE material is used in the manufacturing process to ensure durability, strength and high quality. Available in four sizes: Small: fits shoe size W4-6, M1-3 Medium: fits shoe size W5.5-9, M3.5-6.5 Large: fits shoe size W8.5-11, M6.5-8.5 Extra Large: fits shoe size W11-12, M8.5-13 *For oversized shoes or boots, we recommend purchasing one size larger than your normal shoe size.