Arcade Buttons EG STARTS 1 Player DIY Kit Joystick 5V LED Arcade Button for Arcade Stick PC Games Mame Raspberry pi

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Quality: Excellent Control USB Encoder. High Quality 8 way joystick. LED Buttons Good lighting effects.
Fonction: DC 5V Arcade Illuminated Pushbutton, 8 ways Joystick Use Microswitch with gilded contact leg, excellent electronic performance, long life, reliability tested to 1,000,000 cycles!
Hole Size: Joystick - 24mm. Large Buttons-30mm. Small Buttons-24mm
Package: 175 x 95 x 115mm. Each button and joystick are individually packaged and 1 year warranty.
Support: Perfect LED Kit for Windows Arcade Games PC Games DIY Project Arcade Raspberry Pi for RetroPie system


This is a LED Arcade Game DIY Parts.

The encoder support all the windows systems!

Each Encoder have its own USB Cable to make sure that Multiplayer can play the games in the same condition!

The Joystick is a 8 way professional joystick!

The buttons are 5V LED Illuminated push buttons with build-in Microswitches inside.

The button default designed as when you push the button it will lighted.

If you need the buttons lighted all the times,Just contact us.We will help you set it as lighted all the time.

What will included in the package?
1x Zero Delay LED USB Encoder
1x USB Cable
1x 5Pin wires for Joystick
10x 3Pin wires for LED Push Buttons
2x 24mm White LED Push Buttons
8x 30mm LED Push Buttons( 2xRed, 2xYellow, 2xBlue, 2xGreen)
1x Red 5Pin 8 way joystick
1x Installation Notes.

Installation Video:

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