Motor Speed Control Board, DROK DC 10-50V 60A High Power Motor Speed Controller PWM HHO Driver Controller Module 12V 24V 48V 3000W Extension Cord with Switch

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DROK dc motor speed controller operating voltage range is DC 10-50V, max rated current is 60A, control power range is 0.01-3000W.
Wide Application: our motor driver control board can be applied to universal DC brush motor speed regulation; car motor speed regulation; production line conveyor belt speed regulation; electronic fan speed regulation etc.
Industrial Quality: it is made of high quality material, with wide working temperature range of -20-40, can work stably even environment temperature is below zero.
Low Quiescent Current: our speed regulation module is designed with low quiescent current 0.04A(When the working voltage is DC10V-50V, the quiescent current cannot exceed 40mA).
Regulation Switch: the brush motor control board is with switch, convenient for speed regulation.


10-50V DC Motor Speed Controller with Switch Extension Cable

Working voltage: DC10V-50V
Control power: 0.01-3000W
Max. rated current: 60A
Different working voltage corresponding to different control power:
12V: 12V*60A =720W
24V: 24V*60A =1440W
36V: 36V*60A =2160W
40 V: 40V*60A =2400W
50V: 50V*60A =3000W
Quiescent current: 0.04A (When the working voltage is DC10V-50V, the quiescent current cannot exceed 40ma)
PWM duty ratio: 5%-100%
PWM frequency: 15 kHz
Working temperature:-20-40

Universal DC brush motor speed regulation.
Car motor speed regulation (car cooling fan speed regulation, car automobile fan speed regulation, car windshield motor speed regulation, car air conditioning fan speed regulation)
Production line conveyor belt speed regulation, pipe exhaust fan speed regulation, treadmill speed control, multiple computer fans parallel speed regulation, electronic fan speed regulation.
DC light dimmer, DC heater tempering.

Package Includes:
1* Motor Speed Control Board